Abdulrahman Mohamed

Abdulrahman Mohamed

Abdulrahman Mohamed

Abdulrahman Mohamed

A master’s degree holder in Documentary practices from Brunel university/west of London in 2011

A full time independent singer/composer/musician along with being a freelance videographer / behind the scene cameraman and photographer. At the same time, he collaborates with musicians and music arrangers in his travels around the world to create some Arabic experimental, improvisational visional, progressive rock, alternative, light jazz style of music and songs. By focusing on his own YouTube channel as a platform for his type of art and taste in music and musical short documentaries, he’s trying to create a new concept of his independent music style as an independent art style, which in another word, not commercial.

Back to 1999 he joined a radio singing competition called: the best voice ( ajmal soot ) on MBC radio channel. After 3 years of joining the radio program, he finally qualified to the 10 finalist competitors in the show, to be presented on MBC 1 in the 10th birthday of the TV channel.

In 2002/3 he was one of 10th finalist competitors in the old form of Arab idol, which was on future TV with the title of: superstar.

In 2007 he graduated from king Abdulazez University in Jeddah holding a bachelor degree in MASS-COM in radio and TV. After that, had the chance to join a training course as an assistant cameraman for 3 months in MBC channels in Dubai and Saudi TV in Jeddah.

In 2009, he got into the Saudi high education scholarship program to continue his Masters Degree study in the UK for 3 years titled: MA Documentary Practices.

At the moment, by showing he’s work and art projects on his YouTube channel, he’s wishing, his type of art to be appreciated, get supported and treated as an independent art style with the signature of his artistic name he’s working on


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