Asmaa Lmnawar

Asmaa Lmnawar 2017

Asmaa Lmnawar 2017

Asmaa Lmnawar 2017

Asma lmnawar, a Moroccan arabic-amzigh artist, she was born and raised in Casablanca city, on the 25th of July. Entered the art-world to make it her own.

• – Asma lmnawar ’s interest in music, began in a very early age, She was Just 12 years old when she made her 1st major appearance on TV .

• – Auditioned when she was 12 years old and a year later she was adopted and crowned through the tv program «ANGHAM» broadcasted by both:
the first moroccan tv channel «RTM», and the Moroccan tv-radio sector, along with the tv program (NOJOUM ALGHAD) of the second tv channel ‘2M’.

• – Attended hassan the 2nd university in the faculty of economics division after graduating from high-school «Mathematical- Sciences- Section».

• – Attended three years of music, in the conservatory institute in CASABLANCA.

• – Released a socio-religious album in both arabic & French «bilingual cd» that was highly-anticipated, included six songs that were distributed in France as well as belgium.

• – In 2000 Asma lmnawar, traveled overseas to Europe for three years, via the invitation of the danish national institute & the danish ministry of culture where, she preformed many concerts and musical workshops in the conservatory of Copenhagen_ «Danemark : conservatorium».

• – she embarked many tours with the Danish group «oriental mood» particularly scandinavian countries for the local audience and Arab-communities.

• – Has performed in many moroccan credit-titles at a very young age, and was triumphed with great success: «serb elhmam» serial & «al mosabon» serial ,in which she sang via it’s serial dramatic events, dealing with- illegal emigration issue,which catapulted her career to reach success ,along with being her spring-board to fame and celebrity with the Moroccan audience.

• – Released her debut solo album «visit live:edition germany» from worldwide tours accompanied with the danish band «oriental mood»

• – Performed in the international long-footage movie sound-track -« the zookeeper », a co-production of « american, danish, Czech, german and south african »movie makers.directed by (ralph ziman), composed by the danish nicolaj».

• – Has also performed in the album of the international artist «bally sagoo».

• – Met with the great artist (Kawkab Hamza) who introduced her to the egyptian bright poet «Ahmed Foad Najm»she collaborated alongside with them to perform «doumou izis»song that was her first prominence in Egypt on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of that poet.

• – She performed and established many concerts in morocco, as she represented her birth-country in international cultural-festivals.

• – Co-performed in the danish ‘s band album «aisha : outlandish», in parallel with concerts with the same band.

• She performed in the following festivals :

• The opening of the ‘Fes ‘ festival : «sacred music», accompanied by the philharmonic orchestra of Madrid, where she performed a Répertoire of Suffi poems of « Hallaj, Ibno Arabi, HarraQ) composed by the Moroccan artist « Said Chraibi ».
• Has performed in several festivals in the egyptian Opera house.
• The worldwide festival of «WORLD MUSIC» in Malisya, Rain forest : world music festival
• CARTHAGE festival, in Tunisia.
• HADRA MOUT festival, in yemen.
• Festival of support for the nominee of’ Petra as one of the Seven wonders, in Jordan.
• The international TIMGAD Festival, in Algeria.
• Alkazif Festival in algiers.
• FESTIVAL of the (the moroccan song) in Morocco.
• Festival of the (the arabic song) in Tunisya.
• (hala febrayer) Festival, in Kuwait 2010
• (Doha, Qatar) festival 2005 – 2007.
• Cultural festival of (DOHA).
• (OUDAYA) jazz festival, in Rabat.
• (women’s voice) festival, in TETOUANE.
• (andalousian music) festival music in (Chefchaouen Morocco.).
• (volubulus) festival in Morocco.
• (arabic music) festival music in Egypt.
• (spiritual song) festival in (constantine_ALGERIA)
• (classical music) Festival in abu-dhabi.
• (almadina) festival, in Fes.

• – Released three official-albums, Upon initial release, of her solo debut album, i twas very well-received by critics and audience.

• – Co-worked with the greatest composers, poets and distributors of all times in the Arab world.

• – Auditioned in many credit-title serials in Egypt and in the Gulf :

* Ikhtifaa said mahrane « Egypt ».
* Banate fi talatine « Egypt ».
* Oyoun alhob « gulf ».
* Sokout alakniaa « gulf ».
* Akhir safkat hob « gulf ».
* Baadak tayeb « gulf ».
* Azhar meryem « gulf ».
* Lilkhataya tamane « gulf ».
* Alanine « gulf ».

• – Recorded and video-taped many songs :
Participated in lyrical (jalsat) :
* « jalsat » al WATAN.
* « jalsat »WANNASAH. Tv
* « jalsat »HAWAS tv.
* « jalsat »in QATAR.
* « jalsat »in the Qatari TV.
* « jalsat » in the UAE TV.
* « jalsat » in the Kuwaiti TV.
* « jalsat » EMARAT F.M.
* jalsat » in libya (-).
* « jalsat » (RAFAKAT OMRE) in Libya -.

– Co-performed in hit singles which were absolutely flourished and garnered :

* Bally sagoo
* The artist « Abu-bakr Salem ».
* The artist « Kathem Asshir ».
* The artist « Rashed Almajed ».
*The artist « Hussin Aljesmi ».
*The artist « Muhammed Aljebali ».
*The artist « Noaaman Alhlou ».
*The artist « Walid Ibrahim ».
* « Oriental-mood ».


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