Carole Samaha

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carole-samaha 2017

carole-samaha 2017

Early life

Samaha was born on 25 July 1972 in Beirut to Antoine Samaha from Khenchara, Matn and Nouhad Hawi from Dhour El Choueir, Matn.[13] She has two brothers.[2]

Personal life

On 1 November [14] 2013, Samaha married Walid Mustafa, a divorced Egyptian with a daughter from a previous marriage, in a civil ceremony in Limassol, Cyprus following an 18-month love affair and short engagement.[15][16][17] On 31 August 2015 Carole Samaha gave birth to a baby girl, Tala.[18][19]



(حلم – A Dream)

Oughniat El Toufoula
(اغنية الطفولة – Children Songs)


Ana Horra
(انا حرة – I’m Free)


Adwa’ Al Shohra
(أضواء الشهرة – Lights of Fame)


Hdoudi Sama
(حدودي السما – The Sky Is My Limit)


(إحساس – A Feeling)


(ذكرياتي – Memories)


YearSongAlbumLebanese ChartsEgyptian ChartsTranslationNotes
2003Oughniat El ToufoulaOughniat El ToufoulaChildhood Songs
Habib AlbyHelm31My Lovefirst release apart from the Rahbani
2004Etalaa Feyi14Look At Mecasting Mister Lebanon 1997 Ghassan El Mawla
2005Ghali AlayiAna Horra13You Mean A Lot To Me
Nezlet El Sitara4832The Curtain Fell
Habbeit Delwa’t282Now that i lovedmovie soundtrack
2006EsmaaniAdwa’ Al Shohra119Listen to me
Zaelni Mennak118I’m upset with you
2007Adwa’a El Shohra1378Lights of Famesponsored by Pepsi
Ya RabiAna wlleil – Marwan Khoury13Oh Godft. Marwan Khoury
2008Yama LayaliHdoudi Sama433How Many Nightssponsored by Pepsi
Jeet (Majnouni)Pepsi Sea of Stars – V/A,
Hdoudi Sama
13You Came (I Must Be Crazy)movie soundtrack
AliHdoudi Sama71Alipromotional single
2009Laily LailThe Gipsy Man Sings from the Middle East – Mario Reyesft. Mario Reyes, filmed in Morocco
Rag’aalakHodoudi Sama19Coming Back To Youpromotional single
Zabahny97112“Slaughtered” Mepromotional single
Ma Bkhaf11I Am Not Scaredfirst official single
2010A’oul Ansak11I Try To Forget Yousecond official single
Khallik Bhalak11Stay Away
2011El Masry Ya Abu DamN/A
Malika Ala El Arda song from the TV series Al Shahroura
2012Wahshani Bladi


  • “Revelation of the year” (actress and singer) Murex d’Or in 2000.[20]
  • “Best female newcomer” Arab Music Award (2003) – This was the first year for which Arab Music Awards were awarded and the ceremony was held in Dubai in May 2004.[3]
  • “Best Polyvalent talent” (actress and singer) Murex d’Or in 2003.[20]
  • “Best Female Romantic Song” (“Tala3 Fiyyi”) Murex d’Or in 2003.[20]
  • “Best Lebanese Female Singer” Murex d’Or in 2007.[20]
  • “Best Lebanese Song” (“Ya Rab”, with Marwan Khoury) Murex d’Or in 2007.[20]
  • “Best album of the year” (Hdoudi Sama, 2009) Murex d’Or in June 2010.[21]
  • Samahe was honored for best music video – “Khalik Behalik” – at the 2011 Murex d’Or ceremony.[22]
  • World Music Award “Best Stage Performer in the Middle East” in Monaco 2014.


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