Donia Samir Ghanem

Donia Samir Ghanem (Arabic: دنيا سمير غانم‎; born 1 January 1985) is an Egyptian actress and singer. Donia’s artistic family includes, her parents, Samir Ghanem (an Egyptian comedian actor) and Dalal Abdul Aziz and her sister Emy Samir Ghanem (a young actress). Donia began her artistic life in 2001 when she was 16 she had her first role in a movie called (leladala wegoh kathera, للعدالة وجوه كثيرة) as nada ، ندى in 2001.

Donia’s talents appeared when she was a child, participating in school plays and shows. Her father cried when he first heard her sing for Fayrouz, and her mom encouraged her acting career from an early age.[citation needed]

Through appearances in various Egyptian talk shows, Donia stood out for her mimicry of other Arab singers. Her most famous imitation was of Ahlam’s voice singing Myriam Fares’s song. Her first song was called “Far2 el Sen”. She was born in 1985 In 2015 she was a jury in The x factor beside Elissa and Ragheb alama

Donia made two films as a child. She attracted attention while acting in an Egyptian series called “For the justice there are many ways”. She made her first film in 2005 with the comedian Mohamed Henedi.

  • 1995 as nadia (امراة وامراة)
  • 2001 as nada (للعدلة وجوه كثيرة)
  • 2002 as fardos (زمن عماد الدين)
  • 2004 as laila (عباس الابيض فى اليوم الاسود)
  • 2004 as dolly (احلام البنات)
  • 2005 as nawal (يانا ياخالتى)
  • 2007 as hanan (احزان مريم)
  • 2008 as mona (كباريه)
  • 2008 as heba (اتنين فى واحد)
  • 2008 as aiaa (شارع18)
  • 2008 as laially (كافيه تشينو)
  • 2009 as samira (الفرح)
  • 2009 as laila (طير انت)
  • 2009 as marim (عزبة ادم)
  • 2010 as jermeen (لا ترجع ولا استسلام)
  • 2010 as hadia (الكبير اوى ج1)
  • 2011 as dina (اكس لارج)
  • 2011 as nesma (365 يوم سعادة)
  • 2011 as hadia (الكبير اوى ج2)
  • 2013 as hadia (الكبير اوى ج3)
  • 2014 as hadia (الكبير اوي ج4)
  • 2015 as lahfa (لهفة)


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