Haitham Nabil

▷ Name : Haitham Nabil
▷ BirthDate : 14 – 5
▷ Birth Place : Cairo

► Haitham graduated from 6 October University
Majoring in Media and Mass Communication

► He started a band with his friends, for which he sang and composed many of their songs. When he went to college he sang in many of the University’s concerts and special events.

► Haitham realized that music was apart of him, and for it to be just a hobby was not fulfilling for him. He wanted to pursue his dream in making music his profession.

► When starting his journey, he met many producers but did not feel that they were what he wanted. It wasn’t until he came across Libo, a Libyan record company managed by Hamid El Shaery, where Haitham signed his first contract at the age of 21.

► Produced by Libo and arranged by El Shaery, Haitham made his first song Ya Fora2 which was one of the top 10 in 2004.With the release of Ya Fora2 Haitham began his rise to fame. When El Shaery left Libo, Haitham faced many problems with the Libyan producer, and he decided to leave the company.

► Haitham’s second song, Kelmet Wada3, aired on Nogoom FM in 2005, and many listeners responded positively to the song.

► After Kelmet wada3, Haitham signed his second contract with Star Gate, which is owned by the great producer Tarek El Arian . With Star Gate Haitham shot his first music video for his song Kan Kalamy, directed by Tarek Al Arian 2006 . Then Haitham started working on his first album which took him 2 years of hard work.

► The New Album Is Now Available @ Stores & Here In The Page


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