Hamada Hilal

Hamada Hilal

Hamada Hilal

Mohamed ‘Hamada helel” Abdel Fatah Helal (born March 20, 1971) is an Egyptian singer who was born in Sharqia, Egypt. He now resides in Cairo. Hamada started his interest singing when he was 5 years old. He used to record his voice whilst singing on cassette tapes. Many great artists influenced Hamada, such as Abdel Halim Hafez, Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Um Kulthum.

At school, Hamada sung during the school breaks and entertainment periods. One of his friends would be playing a drum, Hamada would be singing and a girl would be dancing.

When Hamada was seven, one of his relatives heard him while he was singing and took Hamada to a musician. He learned the music basics and was encouraged. The musician told Hamada that he would introduce him to sing at a wedding of one of his relatives after three months. This was the starting point of his career.

Hamada met a popular composer called Hassan Esh Esh who introduced him to Hamid El Shaerry and presented him to a recording studio. They signed him to a contract straight away.

Hamada’s first appearance as a professional singer was on High Quality album Part 3 After that he continued to release his own albums Dar el zaman, Demou3, and Ba5af.

Hamada was later known as a very respectful singer, never going too far with words in his songs as well as singing national and religious songs such as Muhammad Nabina, Allah forgive me, 3aref, and asma2 Allah el hosna. His fame as a respectful person increased after saving a girl from rape in the middle of the night in cairo.

He Made his first Cinematic Appearance in the movie “3eyal habiba” in 2005 (Lover Boys) which was widely appreciated by audiences and after that he released his album “Wahashteny”. One year later he made another appearance in “el3eyal herbet” as one of the main characters “Hassan”. In the movie he sang 3 songs  :”3azza”, “kan lazim”, and “mastool”. Although the movie was not considered as good as his first one it was still quite a step.

In 2007 Hamada Helal starred in a third movie “El Hob keda” acting as one of the main characters “Seif”. The movies response was on a wide scale but mainly positive. He sang one of his most famous songs “Lama Betelmisny” which would later be added to his 2008 album.

Still pushing further Hamada released his latest movie in 2008 “helm el 3omr” in which he acted as the role of a boxer who wanted to reach the world championship. Still in box office it is considered as his best movies yet. In addition to his movie he released his newest album Bahebek akher hagaat the same time the movie was in box office, the album had two songs from his latest movie as well as one from the 2007 movie, Zainab

Hamada Helal’s most impressive musical feat to date is the love song he wrote to children’s television icon and absorbent rectangle, Sponge-Bob Square-Pants, entitled “Spong Bob”. In the accompanying video clip Hamada tackles his most challenging acting role to date, playing the world’s most famous poriferan, whilst bouncing on a trampoline surrounded by balloons and fawning children. The song was a huge hit in Jordan.


  • El-Ayam (1996)
  • Dar El Zaman (1998)
  • Demooa (2000)
  • Bakhaf (2002)
  • Waheshni (2004)
  • El Sobou’a (2005)
  • Bahebak Akher Haja (2008)
  • Muhammad Nabina
  • Hamada Helal (2015)


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