Khaled Selim – خالد سليم

Khaled Selim started his early journey with art since his childhood by listening to the masters of traditional Arabic music such as Om Kalthoum, Mohamed Abdul Wahab, Abdel Halim Hafez, Fayrouz, Warda, and many others. Being born into a family that highly appreciated the golden age of music played a major role in influencing Khaled’s artistic talent and musical taste. As a child, Khaled’s talent started flourishing through his participation in various school events, as he was given constant support from his teachers who believed in his unique singing abilities.

Living in Kuwait in the childhood years gave Khaled Selim a great opportunity to explore various types of music from different parts of the globe, a fact which helped broaden his musical culture. He got to learn about diverse forms of art and to sing proficiently in various dialects of Arabic in addition to singing in English and Turkish. Khaled also excelled in playing many musical instruments such as the lute, the piano, and many more.

Khaled Selim’s first steps towards his singing dream started when he moved back to Egypt where he joined the Faculty of Commerce in Cairo University. Naturally, Khaled joined the university band through which he was faced for the first time with a big audience from university students. Khaled’s voice dazzled everyone with its strength, warmth and, above all, its spectacular sophistication which was long yearned for by Arabic music listeners. His concerts created a huge success, which led him to participate in several singing contests. For three consecutive years, he was able to win the Best Singer award on the level of all Egyptian universities. From here came the true start of Khaled Selim’s successful singing career.
Acting Career

Khaled Selim presented a variety of video clips that managed to highlight his magnificent acting skills. Khaled’s talent swiftly caught the attention of Egyptian film makers who began offering him a variety of film roles. And this was the start of a new turn in Khaled Selim’s career.


* Sana Oula Nasb (First Year Con) – 2003
Written By: Samira Mohsen
Directed By: Kamla Abu Zekri
Starred: Khaled Selim, Ahmed Ezz, Dalia El Beheiry, Nour

* Kan Yom Hobak (The Day I Loved You) – 2004
Written By: Mounir Morad
Directed By: Ehab Laamy
Starred: Khaled Selim, Dalia El Beheiry, Mohammed Ragab

* Amaleyat Khasa (Special Missions) – 2008
Written By: Omar Taher
Directed By: Othman Abu Laban
Starred: Khaled Selim, Tamer Hagras, Nicole Saba, Mostafa Fahmy

TV Series:

One of the major surprises in Khaled Selim’s career was being chosen by Warda, the legendary Arab singer and actress, to play the leading role opposite her in the television series titled Ann El Awan (It’s About Time). Warda’s choice of Khaled was the result of her unbroken faith in his artistic talents; she appreciated the beauty of his voice, his refined musical taste and his distinguished talent in presenting all sorts of singing whether traditional or modern. Within the dramatic events, Khaled performed a number of songs such as Mehtaglek (I Need You), Annaneya (Selfish), Ana Baladi Awla Beya (My Country Needs Me More), Men Gheir Etab (Without Blame), and many more.

Musical Festivals:

Khaled Selim was capable of building his own individual artistic identity by carefully choosing music and lyrics that depict respectful and sophisticated art. This philosophy, by which Khaled firmly abided, made him stand out among the spreading current in contemporary music which relies mainly on commercial productions devoid of any artistic value.

For that reason, Khaled was capable of achieving a high level of trust between his audience and himself regarding the sort of art they should expect from him. This faith in Khaled’s refined art was extended to the responsibles of Cairo Opera House who nominated Khaled to take part in the First Arabic Music Festival in Alexandria. Through that event, Khaled was able to prove his outstanding singing abilities as he was the first contemporary young artist to sing in the highly esteemed opera house. He was also able to create a huge fan base from various age ranges through the concerts he gave on the stages of the opera house.

Khaled also participated in numerous celebrations and festivals in the entire Arab World such as:

* The 70th anniversary celebration of the Egyptian Radio – 2004
* The First Arabic Music Festival in Alexandria – 2005
* The Arabic Music Festival in Cairo and Alexandria – 2005, 2006
* The Saladin Citadel Festival – 2004, 2008
* The Summer Festival held on the Open Air Theatre in Cairo Opera House – 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008
* The Television Nights concerts – 2004, 2005, 2008
* The Cairo International Film Festival – 2005
* The Hala February Festival in Kuwait – 2007
* The Rabat Mawazine Festival in Morocco – 2007
* The commemoration of Abdel Halim Hafez and Baleegh Hamdy in Morocco – 2007, 2008
* The Fifth Abu Dhabi Festival on the Emirates stage – 2008

Honors and Awards:

Throughout his career, Khaled Selim has received multiple honors and awards from different countries that recognized his talent and achievements.

* Awarded as Best Singer in Egyptian Universities for three consecutive years – 1997, 1998, 1999
* Awarded as Best New Singer by Nile Variety Television Channel – 2000
* Awarded as Best Young Singer by Egyptian Television based on viewers’ votes – 2003
* Honored by the Video Clip Oscars Festival in Sharm El Sheikh – 2004
* Honored by the World Health Organization for contributing in awareness campaigns – 2005
* Awarded as Best Young Singer by the Middle East Radio – 2005
* Honored by the Kuwaiti Television for the theme song of the television series Adeel El Rouh – 2005
* Honored by the League of Arab States – 2006
* Honored by the International Labor Organization for contributing in the anti-child labor campaign – 2006
* Awarded as Best Young Singer by Shashaty Magazine based on readers’ votes – 2006
* Awarded as Most Popular Singer by the Egyptian Songs Radio – 2008
* Honored by Sheikh Zayed University in Emirates – 2008
* Honored by 6th of October University as The Ambassador of the Arabic Songs – 2010


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