Samo Zain was born on 10th of November in Kuwait, He is Scorpio, He is from Syrian family and from time to time he was visiting them in Syria and other European Countries, till he finished his Secondary school. After graduation, he traveled to London to study engineering. He worked as a sound engineer in London for several years but eventually returned to Kuwait and starts his own business in audio equipments under the name Twitter for Audio Equipments”.

After his quick fame in the world of sound engineering, all distinguished Arab singers dealt with him. After his great success, he decided to open another branch in London but chance played the greatest role in Samo’s entry to art and fame world. Once he got his first offer to sing at one of London’s famous restaurant, he receives warm applause from the audience, his relatives and his friends who were attached to his way and style in singing.

He decided after that to release his first album “Mili ya helwa”with “El-Kheyol Company”. He did not expect his reaction from audience as he gained their admiration and he won their hearts quickly. Moreover, he topped the list of singers in satellite channels. He began preparing for the second album with new ideas for a whole year under the name “Ana leek “with “ Rotana Company”. This alum was his real chance for stability and progress in the world of stardom

He won for this album 11 Arab and international awards. Media has described this album as one of the best albums all over the whole world. The surprise is that his third album “Araby leya” with High Quality company” was the best Arab album. This album achieved incredible success and it sold in many unexpected countries around the world. Zain’s ambition will continue to please his lovers. To samo’s lovers, the real factor behind Zain’s success is the love of his audience and the constructive thought which is supported by all his lovers.

Samo Zain is known by 52 slogan and it’s became one of the most famous slogans in the whole Arabian world by: recognition of magazines according to the public’s opinion, that slogan means S from Samo = 5 Z from Zain = 2


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