Tamer Ashour

البوم خيالى تامر عاشور

تامر عاشور البوم خيالى

صورة كافر البوم تامر عاشور خيالى

Tamer Ashour was born on January 2nd, 1984, in Cairo, Egypt.

From 2004 to 2008 Tamer issued more than 15 songs solo such as “Zekrayat Kazaba”, “Ekhtarna Leh”, “Thanya Wahda”, “Enta Ekhtart” and “Fi Layali Azabi Maak” and other songs that caused his fame and made him one of the most upcoming and promising singers at that time as well as one of the big stars with brilliant future in the world of singing. This made the production companies compete to have Tamer in their team.

Before signing any label or joining any company Tamer started to release in 2006 his album “Zekrayat” that included all his previously issued solo songs together with other new songs. This album was so successful that the production companies competed more and more to obtain Tamer’s signature. Finally Tamer joined Rotana Co, at the end of the year 2008. Rotana Co. launched Tamer’s second album entitled “Had Beyheb” that obtained an unexpected success and it was the album the most sold and most downloaded on Internet at the time. Two of this album’s songs, “Had Beyheb” and “Tislam”, were video clipped by Tamer.

At the beginning of the year 2011 Tamer launched his second album with Rotana which is the third of his artistic career. This album “Leya Nazra” reached the summit of the cassette market sales and the highest Internet downloads as well highest listening percentage even though Tamer had not filmeed any song of this album. That same year Tamer started to fulfill his military service and actually he is about to finish his service and is preparing his fourth album himself as his contract with Rotana Co. has been terminated two years ago.


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