Tamer Hosny

Tamer Hosney

Tamer Hosney

Tamer Hosney

Release Date 2002 – ongoing
Genre Pop/Soul/R&B
Hometown Egypt
About Official page of the best African artist Tamer Hosny

Name: Tamer Hosny
Birth date: 16/8
Birth place: Cairo, Egypt
Education: Bachelor degree in Media, 6th of October University, Cairo, Egypt.

Tamer Hosny is a pop singer, actor, composer, lyricist, director, producer and novelist.
His artistic career began in 2002. Extensive enthusiasm, hard work, and passion in terms of music and acting made him within 5 years the most promising celebrity/singer in the Middle East & Africa.
His albums and films (both past and present) have achieved best sells and wills.
His masterpiece in music is magically amazing.
His songs possess a strong convincing power, dominated deeply over mind and emotions from fans all over the world.
His lyrics are remarkable, mainly surprising most of the time; as he introduces innovative phrases to make it simply unique and meaningful
. His wide variety of audience members love his music, and support his record-breaking best sales.
As a movie actor, his acting is very spontaneous.
He performs every challenging and diverse role in very realistic ways
. Tamer enjoys writing his own movie scripts, utilizing his creative mind.
His movies have achieved mostly ‘box office hit’ within the Middle East.

International Collaborations

“Bokra-Tomorrow” Charity Single

Tamer sang Bokra Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me) a charity single that was released on 11/11/2011 at 11:11PM, along with Shakira, Rim Banna, Akon, Diana Karazon, Marwan Khoury, Latifa, Souad Massi, Hani Mitwassi, Saber El Roba3i, Kathem El Saher, Wa3ed, Sherine and other Arab Artists. The single will distribute the proceeds of its donations to various organisations, institutions and charities with arts and culture programs. The eight minute song was written by Majida Al-Roumi, and produced by Quincy Jones and RedOne.

Duet with Shaggy

Tamer Hosny has recorded a new duet song with Shaggy, named “Smile”. The song, written and composed by Tamer Hosny, will be distributed all over the world. The music video has been released at the beginning of 2012; the music video was shot in New York City, and it has achieved huge success; it has achieved more than one million views in only 3 days on Youtube, and for this exceptional growth rate, Youtube awarded the music video a trending medal>
music video link ( https://youtu.be/fQeU-Py504c)

Duet with Snoop Dogg

Tamer Hosny has released a duet song with Snoop Dogg, Named Si L Sayed. It was released in 2012. Tamer Hosny and Snoop Dogg shot the music video in Los Angeles , the music video has achieved a big success Around the world
Music video URL ( https://youtu.be/-Urjas5Nt0I)

New music Collaboration Akon:
Tamer Hosny has just recorded a 2 new DUET songs with the International Singer [[Akon]] named ARABIAN NIGHT and welcome to the life
and the music video was filmed in Miami USA On May 2013 and the song will be released soon

Music video teaser

International Endorsements

2006 – ongoing: Worldwide children’s charity organization OPERATION SMILE: Ambassador of the Middle East (https://www.operationsmile.org/)

Endorser of PEPSI (https://www.pepsiarabia.com/)

First Arab celebrity to advertise the famous Italian brand of fashion eyewear sunglasses and to be its endorser worldwide
. (https://www.policetamerhosny.com/)

Endorser of Vodafone, an international telecommunication company.


2003 – Free Mix 3
2005 – Hob
2006 – Enayah Bethebak
2007 – Ya Bent El Aih (Oh Girl!)
2008 – El Ganna Fy Beyotna
2008 – Arab Kaman
2009 – Haeesh Hayaty
2010 – Akhtart sah
2011 – Elly Gai Ahla
2012- Smile – omar and salma 3 movie songs
2013 – bahabak enta
2014 – 180 darga
2016- omry ebtada

TV & Film
2003 – Halet Hob
2005 – Sayed El Atefy
2007 – Omar & Salma
2008 – Captain Hima
2009 – Omar & Salma 2
2010 – Nour Einy
2011 – Adam (TV drama series)
2012 – Omar & Salma 3
2015 ahwak

: Discovery of more than 20 new talents.
Singers: Discovery of more then 5 new talented singers, such as Karim Mohsen.
Actors, Drama & Cinema Director: Discovery of more then 10 new talented actors, and 1 drama & cinema director:
Mohamed Sami (director of Adam series)

Tamer Hosny official website: https://www.tamerhosnyproduction.com/
Tamer Hosny official youtube chanel: https://www.youtube.com/tamerhosny
Tamer Hosny official facebook: httpss://www.facebook.com/TamerHosny
Tamer Hosny official twitter account: https://twitter.com/tamerhosny


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